About Santista
  • Our history begins in October 29, 1929, with the opening of the Fábrica de Tecidos Tatuapé S.A. plant. It was named after the neighborhood in São Paulo where the company was installed. At that time, we manufactured flour sacks and several types of yarn.

    Over the following years, the industrial growth in Brazil helped expand our production capacity. New businesses were gradually incorporated, and the company became Santista Têxtil.

    Since then, we have been increasing our market share in the national industry through innovation and a pioneering spirit. Santista was responsible for launching wool knitting yarns, as well as producing and exporting: cashmere, bed linen, professional garments and its flagship product – the denim (indigo).

    The company is currently organized into two Business Units: Jeanswear, focused on manufacturing innovative fabrics for the production of denim clothes; and Workwear, focused on the production of special fabrics for professional clothing.

    • 1929

      Santista Têxtil is established in São Paulo (at that time, Fábrica de Tecidos Tatuapé S.A.), manufacturing flour sacks for Moinho Santista.

    • 1934

      Our success leads to the opening of a new plant, only five years later – this time dedicated to wool spinning.

    • 1956

      Santista starts producing uniform fabrics – the first company to do this in Brazil.

    • 1975

      Denim becomes our core business and Santista Têxtil launches its genuine Denim indigo blue. The product is a great success, and part of the production is sold to Levi-Strauss.

    • 1988

      Santista becomes the number one company in denim and cashmere production in Brazil. It is also the leader in the professional clothing sector.

    • 1994

      After the Santista and São Paulo Alpargatas merge, the company becomes the biggest indigo fabrics manufacturer and the largest textile exporter in the country.

    • 1995

      With the acquisition of Grafa, in Argentina, Santista consolidates its position in South America.

    • 1999

      Santista acquires the Chilean company Machasa and becomes the largest textile park in South America. It is the first multinational company in the sector headquartered in Brazil.

    • 2003

      Grupo Camargo Corrêa acquires control of the company.

    • 2006

      With the Santista and Tavex Algodonera (Spain) merge, we become the new world leader in the denim industry.

    • 2007

      Santista and Tavex acquire two plants in Mexico, complementing our supply platform for the USA, the world’s biggest denim consumer.

    • 2008

      Santista changes its corporate name to Tavex and starts focusing on the European and North American markets. The headquarters is transferred from Brazil to Spain.

    • 2015

      Santista recovers its original corporate name and brings the headquarters back to Brazil. It sells the Europe and Mexico units. With the expertise in the production of global products, it announces a new phase, focusing on two main markets: Brazil and Latin America. The Santista brand is back.

    • 2016

      The company focuses its activities in the state of São Paulo, with the strengthening of the units in Americana and Tatuí. Northeastern facilities are deactivated.

    • 2017

      After 40 years, the headquarters of Santista leaves Centro Empresarial de São Paulo and moves to Jardim Europa, in São Paulo.

    • 2020

      Santista returned to Brazilian dominance with the GBPK group, which acquired control of the shares of Santista Brasil and Argentina.

  • Mission

    To offer innovative and integrated solutions for the textile chain in a sustainable way, with passion and a relationship of trust, providing well-being and safety.


    The best to work at. The best to wear.


    • Ethics
    • Transparency and Trust
    • Creativity and Innovation
    • Focus on the Customer
    • Quality
    • Passionate Teamwork
  • We are passionate about what we do. That’s why we have been creating innovative and integrated solutions in the textile sector for 90 years.

    So much tradition and talent make Santista the ideal business partner, because only a company that has been the industry leader for so long can offer quality, transparency and especially trustworthiness to its customers, partners and suppliers.

    Santista believes that long-term relationships generate more sustainable results for everyone.

    We are more than 3 thousand employees; spread throughout the headquarters in São Paulo (SP), two productive units in Brazil – Americana and Tatuí (SP) – an office in Buenos Aires and a productive unit in Tucumán, Argentina.

  • The Santista Code of Conduct was created to improve relationships and foster credibility and trust, proving our socially responsible attitude and pride to work at one of the most traditional Brazilian companies.

    Download Code of Conduct Santista
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Dedicated to the production of denim and flats for the jeans wear market in Latin America, it has innovation, quality and vanguard in its DNA, introducing several novelties to the market, such as the first denim with Lycra®, Indifio®; the Denim Therapy® technology, which includes Svelt – a denim with cosmetic properties to help fighting cellulite, awarded the innovation prize “Las 100 Mejores Ideas Innovadoras”, in Spain; and, more recently, the Repeller, the first insect-repellent denim. This business unit offers its customers expert advice in Fashion, Products and Laundry services.

Our brands

Work wear market leader in Latin America, it offers solutions for uniforms and work safety, complying with the most rigorous performance requirements. Santista Workwear invests heavily in research and development and its portfolio includes innovative and sustainable product ranges, such as Ecopet, Ecofinish, FireProtection and, more recently, Workfashion. It has been awarded the “Prêmio Top of Mind”, category Professional Uniforms, for 25 years in a row. Click on the brands to know more.

Our brands
  • Santista develops products, solutions and technologies in a responsible way, respecting both the environment and people’s lives.

    All Santista units hold world-class certifications in two categories:

    • ISO 9001 (Quality)
    • ISO 14001 (Environment)

    These certifications are renewed periodically and attest our search for high-quality, state-of-the-art and innovative products and solutions.

    Santista offers a safe workplace for its employees, fostering professional development and open dialogue.

  • As well as all environmental certifications, environmental and organizational best practices, Santista acts to reduce even further its ecological footprint and protect the environment. Here you can find some of our initiatives:

    • The water used in the production of fabrics is treated and returns to the environment clean. Our production units have effluent treatment plants that use biological resources to ensure the quality of the process.
    • Water reuse for cooling and other industrial processes.
    • General reduction in water consumption. Between 2013 and 2015, there was a 20% reduction in water use across all our industrial plants.
    • Correct disposal of recyclable material from the offices and production units.
    • Use of PET bottles to manufacture fabrics for uniforms – every year, more than 4 million packages are removed from the environment.
    • All the Santista Workwear product range uses Eco Finish, a fabric finishing that uses sustainably extracted cupuaçu fruit and helps at least 700 indigenous families in the Amazon area.
  • As well as supporting social projects and activities, Santista also encourages its employees to embrace voluntary work, enabling us to:

    • Contribute to a good relationship between Santista, its employees and the community.
    • Link public and private sectors, as well as society.
    • Identify talents inside the company and in the community.
  • Santista is one of the most traditional textile factories in Brazil. It has been known for its pioneering spirit and innovation capacity for more than 90 years.

    All this could only be possible because we have a highly qualified, motivated team of professionals who are engaged in the company’s culture.

    We offer an environment where seasoned and young professionals from all market sectors work side by side. The mix of such diverse experiences has a common goal: the continuous quest for innovation to offer the best solutions to our customers and partners.

    Santista is always looking for new talents and appreciates a plural and diverse workplace.

    If you want to be part of our team, register your CV check our job opportunities.

  • Santista also offers opportunities to young apprentices and interns in several areas across our business units.

    If you are a lively and challenge-driven youngster, Santista is the place for you! Register your CV and check our job opportunities.